I saw you in a song: an anti-memoir*

Solo Exhibition at Be Safe Studios
Curated by Sofia Mastrogiacomo and Julieta Colantonio

losing herself in a universe that doesn’t belong to her 
and yet again that doesn’t belong to anyone else
a text that shall never be read, only written and burned
yet the photographs prevail, 
substance of that which suspends but rushes to evade 
the stillness of a present that just faded away

Being enough of an outsider to inhabit what’s innermost. The search for meaning through a common language that is not. The intimacy of a sleepover. The latency of an important beginning. A hotel room where much occurred. The impossible mirror that is the main subject. A gloomy, smokey, backstage. The white book to a black book. To amplify what is within.
An inner reflection of the outside. Light filtering through.

And there again, the outsider’s shadow projects itself into the unknown.

*an attempt to both encapsulate and fade away the substance of memory.

And suddenly, it was just a memory.

New York

Solo Exhibition at Contact Photo NYC

The exhibition was part of Contact Photo's 2024 artist-in-residence program, hosted by NYC-SPC (NYC Street Photography Collective).

Curated by Bora Kim and Jorge Garcia
Sponsored by WhiteWall

I saw you in a song

Solo Exhibition at Art House Rising
Curated by Sofia Mastrogiacomo and Julieta Colantonio

So my last image was as the first. A sleeping youth cloaked in light, who opened his eyes with a smile of recognition for someone who had never been a stranger.

Just Kids, Patti Smith.

In Marina Mónaco’s I saw you in a song the narrative unfolds as an

Echoing autonomous forms: a book, a sound piece, an installation, and a way of seeing -and being- in the world give form to a non-linear narrative.

Trafficking raw pulses between two realms: the sharp, woke lucid and deepest dream, the circle ends where it began.



©2024 Marina Mónaco